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OOH Advertising

What is OOH Advertising

Communication with customers is best achieved through advertising. As a result, they can stay up-to-date on the latest market trends and developments and have access to a wide range of products and services.

Since technology has changed and increased consumer awareness, out-of-home advertising has evolved dramatically. Investing in this sector is gaining momentum every day.

The purpose of this article is to explain what out-of-home advertising is, its types, emerging trends, and its potential for the future.

There are several types of out-of-home advertising

In addition to billboard advertising, the outdoor space offers six different forms of advertising in addition to billboards. They are as follows:

Advertisement on billboards

Advertising on billboards is one of the most common forms of out-of-home advertising. A large print advertisement displayed on a highly elevated board is generally part of this advertisement.

Roadside stands (on highways or independent stands) are often found near high-footfall areas, such as shopping centres and malls.

As a result of advertising on billboards, advertisers can create awareness and build their brand.

Advertising on public transportation

A common form of OOH advertising is through transport or transit media. It is common to see this type of advertisement on public transportation.

This can be seen in the Martin Agency’s viral ad campaign.

People lost their jobs during the great recession, which led to an increase in suicide rates. The Martin Agency came up with putting “Don’t jump” signs on public transportation buses in collaboration with careerbuilders.com.

A Bronze Lion Award was eventually won for this campaign at Cannes.

A point-of-sale advertising campaign

At the point of purchase, point-of-sale advertising involves communication materials that attract consumers’ attention.

Customer last-minute purchases are encouraged by POS.

Point-of-sale advertising can include product displays like phone covers and earphones at mobile stores.

Street Furniture

Advertisements placed on sidewalks, bus shelters, kiosks, newsstands, benches, and other furniture and equipment associated with street furniture are termed street furniture advertising.

Advertisers use this form of advertising when they want crisp, clear signage that can be read from a distance.

Street furniture advertisements are also positioned so that they are near pedestrians, enabling advertisers to promote their brands effectively.

Advertising in the construction industry

Advertisements are usually placed around construction sites on temporary boarded fences in a public places.

In addition to protecting the public from site works, this advertising allows companies to promote their products and services to create brand awareness.

Out-of-Home Digital Advertising: What Is It?

The advertising industry is largely driven by growing digitisation, without a doubt. The future, some say, lies in this technology.

The recent trend of brands and advertising agencies investing a lot of money into DOOH advertising can be seen as a result.

As the advertising industry grows, digital out-of-home advertising is gaining traction.

Using digital media, such as display screens, billboards, and signage, is an effective and interactive way to advertise.

The rise of digital out-of-home advertising is predicted to reach 38.3% by 2023, according to a recent report from PQ Media.

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What is OOH Advertising