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Mobile digital billboard

Are you interested in mobile advertising?

We offer a wide range of traditional and digital mobile marketing options for our clients since mobile advertising is one of the fastest-growing forms of OOH advertising.

Mobile billboard advertising is a great way to reach those all-important demographics, whether using a poster print or an eye-catching moving image, to boost impact and improve overall brand recall for modern businesses. It is cost-effective to advertise on mobile billboards.

Advertising on mobile devices with Ad-vans

Your mobile billboard advertising campaign is completely under your control regarding how it plays out. To ensure you are targeting the areas where your advertising will have the most impact, our ad-van drivers will follow a route you design. If you prefer, our project managers can work with you to devise a strategy based on our own experience in the industry. Do you want to change your mind? Nothing to worry about! Our drivers are in constant contact with us throughout their shifts.

A static and a digital ad-van

Regardless of your chosen method, Ad-Van Advertising will increase your Brand Awareness levels regardless of what method you use. You can also choose the route that the Van should follow, which makes this method very cost-effective. The combination of high-quality sound, impactful visuals, and targeted locations makes Outdoor Advertising Ltd the best company for conveying your message and encouraging people to interact with your brand.

You can be confident that your mobile advertising project is secure.

Providing our clients with more and supporting them every step of the way is our commitment. The reason we provide digital cameras to our ad-van drivers is to allow them to document their shifts, so we can provide our clients with a detailed report detailing the areas we covered as well as how the public responded to your ads. Having this additional insight helps our clients fine-tune their marketing plans, giving a better understanding of the impact and enabling them to see which messages are working.

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Mobile digital billboard