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Mobile Billboards

A mobile billboard is typically a dedicated, customized LED truck with a large body designed to display advertisements. Dedicated sampling units are illegal in some cities, but some offer features such as external sound systems, illumination, LED panels, and hot/cold boxes. Mobile billboard trucks with digital screens have become popular, but static billboards gain the most exposure. A static mobile billboard does not share advertising space with another mobile billboard.

Wraps installed on trucks and trailers to deliver goods are some of the most cost-effective mobile billboards achieved through “green status” or “truck side advertising”.

Box-type trucks can be converted into mobile 3D display cases by enclosing the cargo space with panels. Many companies have used it to display furniture, launch products, and create rapid awareness. A wide variety of items can be displayed inside the boxes.

Human walking billboards and small-engine scooters are used for experiential and direct marketing campaigns.

Mobile Billboards